About me

Hi, I’m Andrea.

Communicator. Storyteller. Crafter. Foodie.

Intrigued by writing, photography, diy projects, traveling, fabulous food and even better conversations.

Seeking to be inspired, translate ideas into initiatives and measurable objectives, work hard for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.

My work revolves around creating and executing effective digital marketing campaigns and crafting compelling stories to build a long lasting brand. When writing for myself, I write blog posts about things I love or create and places I explore.  

I live in Zurich … and in the digital and real world of communications.

I am currently looking for a challenging role in an entrepreneurial environment that keeps me running – preferably in On shoes!



Communicator with 5+ years of digital marketing experience in food, lifestyle and travel industries worldwide.

Digital Communications Strategy

  • Ownership of global social media strategy and content creation
  • Relaunch of corporate website including content creation (text, image, video) and roll out across 15+ countries
  • Planning a recipe platform and community
  • Planning and executing digital marketing campaigns, SEO/SEM, email, and social media
  • Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns and optimizing spending and performance based on the insights

Content Creation & Storytelling

  • Editorial roadmap and content planning around key milestones such as product launches, events and cultural traditions for all social media channels, global websites as well as printed material
  • Identifying compelling topics that connect on a cultural level, boost content engagement and community reach
  • Story crafting in a variety of formats such as video, photography, writing, and social
  • Working cross-functional e.g. with influencers, designers, photographers and engineers

Internal Communications

  • Establishing internal communication channels that connect the teams to the business and to each other
  • Creating and driving employee engagement programs
  • Continuously identifying new engaging communication ways and tools