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13. Oktober 2017

4 summer highlights in Barcelona

Summer at Costa Nova, Portugal

Hola Amigos

4 summer highlights in Barcelona. That’s a fraction of all the adventures. It is funny how this summer somehow feels like both: so long and so short! Starting off in April when we arrived in Barcelona and since then going and flowing. Technically it is already autumn – and yes, days are getting shorter, nights chillier. But: I am still greeting the sun every morning, embracing the warmth and the slight ocean breeze [ picture me in skirt and barefoot on the terrace ]. Total happiness! While I am really looking forward to Christmas time, it makes me sad to realise this year comes to an end. Well, nothing lasts forever I guess – except for the many experiences, memories and moments I have been collecting a long the way, treasuring in my heart for ever. I am recording 4 summer highlights that spontaneously come to my mind.

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30. Juni 2017

Free Barcelona guide with 10 unique places to eat

FREE DOWNLOAD - online Barcelona Guide with 10 unique places to eat.

Planning a trip to Barcelona? Lucky you! Or still looking for the perfect sunny weekend vacay destination? → Barcelona! Anyways, get some inspiration with my free Barcelona Guide with 10 unique places to eat. You’ll be safe and happy – at least on the culinary side, promised! Complete version with shopping and to do hints coming soon.

Barcelona guide with 10 unique places to eat – what?

A free online guide for travellers who like to eat in the coolest spots in town.
It contains…

  • 10 unique places to eat that will surprise you – all personally tested by me 😉
  • an online map with all the spots – so you’ll always find the nearest place from where you stand
  • three reasons why you should go there
  • photos and design by me

Free Barcelona Guide

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Barcelona guide with 10 unique places  – why?

I know there’s probably a billion Barcelona Guides out there. Also there is TripAdvisor on top.  Hence why should I make another one? Well there’s three simple reasons:

  1. I am practicing photography and graphic design & needed a project
  2. I want to have a top 10 list of my favorite spots in town
  3. and share them with you guys 😉

Three reasons are enough to do it, right? Also a couple of people [ that I don’t personally know ] got in touch with me for hints which of course gave me an additional push. The guide will contain three sections: eat, shop, do. The first section with 10 unique places to eat is done and ready to be shared with you. I’ll keep you posted on the other two sections.

About Barcelona

It is funny how Barcelona somehow feels like both: Big and cosmopolitan – yet compact and manageable. Basically everything is within walking distance [ if you have time ] and that‘s something I love about this city. Getting lost in the labyrinthy streets of el born, endless paseos along scenic Barceloneta or little hikes to el bunker – just to mention some of my favorites. Barcelona is such a charming city offering so many unique places to eat, to shop or to go to. Since we have been here for almost three months now, I had quite some time to dive deeper into this city and discover some hidden treasures. By the way, if you are interested in reading what we have done so far, also read my other two posts: first one or second one. Back to the topic: In the jungle of streets and the abundance of restaurants it is not always easy to detect T H E one. Therefore I am sharing with you my personal top 10 list in this Barcelona guide. Make sure to add some of them to your list and you’re good to go. My way of discovering a city is always a balanced mix of strolling / going with the flow and carefully research and select a few places I don’t want to miss along the way. Hence I research. Avoiding TripAdvisor which I don’t like, I am crawling through travel blogs until I find the ones that suit my style. Thus in my guide you’ll find both – places I’ve spotted by myself walking this city up and down and others I discovered through blogs.

Get in touch

This Barcelona guide with 10 unique places to eat is nothing else than my personal top 10. May it inspire also you and add a special twist to your stay! Of course I would love to hear about your days in Barcelona. What was your personal highlight? Did you go to any of the places I recommend in my guide? Or do you have questions? Get in touch, either here or on Instagram. I’ll be happy to help!


FREE DOWNLOAD - online Barcelona Guide with 10 unique places to eat.

FREE DOWNLOAD - online Barcelona Guide with 10 unique places to eat.

FREE DOWNLOAD - online Barcelona Guide with 10 unique places to eat.

FREE DOWNLOAD - online Barcelona Guide with 10 unique places to eat.

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24. Februar 2017

Ready for ¡la vida loca!

la vida loca in Barcelona

ready for la vida loca in Barcelona

The year-long warm climate, the city beach, the incredible cultural diversity and the world-class dining scene invite to a perfect sunny get-away. Or a creative timeout for months what I am up to do. Barcelona is iconic and contemporary all at once. The magical works of Gaudi add a distinct cultural identity and historic feel to this metropolitan city. The people are laid back, warm-hearted and friendly. All of this makes Barcelona one of the coolest and most popular hotspots in Europe. I fell in love with the city and its people in 2007 – 10 years ago. It’s been my first time in Spain [ except for Mallorca where I was before ] and I came back full of dreams and eager. Read more

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2. Februar 2017

treats & talks

blooms and flowers

Living the tasty life with all it takes: Treating ourselves well, enjoying lovely company & inspiring talks. treats & talks.

treats: It’s about treating you or myself well: Little things that cheer you up, make you happy and simply remind you how marvelous life is. What sort of little things occur to you? To me treats can be various things depending on the day or mood: a glass of prosecco, a coffee, a jogging tour, a hike, kale chips, chia pudding or a piece of chocolate. Whatever! Important though the treat is shared with someone… and ooh this brings me to the second topic: talks. This part implies the fact that company is needed: Good friends, inspiring people to share moments and memories with! ♥

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