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11. November 2017

Natural Dyeing


Natural fabric dyeing with flowers and plants

Natural fabric dyeing with flowers and plants, creating something beautiful and unique by giving flowers a second life. Ideas like this, that are born over coffee and granola bowls with my lovely and inspiring friend Alba. And ideas that are born today need to be tried and tested tomorrow. This is how it goes with many ideas. Almost too many ūüôā

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8. August 2017

Creating, experimenting and meditating

Creating, experimenting and meditating – that summarises the last weeks pretty well. Beginning of July I took a two weeks introduction course in graphic design and ever since [ when there was time ] I found myself¬†stuck at the desk with hand lettering, designing or illustrating. This whole new world of graphic design is opening up a huge playground for shapes, colours, lines and letters. Creating and experimenting freely in this field is a blessing and something between meditation and addiction ūüôā ¬†Gotta enjoy this crea-time as long as I can!

Read on about my first steps as a wannabe designer. Also I am sharing with you my favourite sources for free procreate brushes as well as fonts and other helpful sites. Last but not least you get to see some of my very first trials. Read more

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20. March 2017

Roasted Sweet Potato and Beet with Guacamole and Passion Fruit

Roasted sweet potato and beet with guacamole and passion fruit

Are you a veggie lover? Hence¬†this quick and simple dish with an exotic twist is for you: Roasted sweet potato and beet with guacamole and passion fruit. The sweet potato and beet wedges are marinated with maple syrup, cinnamon and turmeric. Sweet, salty and fruity flavors coming together on¬†one plate and giving this dish a fresh and moist taste. I¬†am not vegan nor vegetarian, but I like healthy, plant-based food very much! Therefore I¬†am constantly trying out new ways, combinations and preparations of veggies. By the way this recipe is a modified version of Fanny the Foodie’s Turmeric Roasted Sweet Potato which I looove so much and prepared over and over again! Every time in a slightly different version, cause¬†you can basically use all kinds of veggies you find in your fridge. Just marinate them the same way and adjust the baking time slightly if needed.

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13. March 2017

Homemade Power Granola for Breakfast

homemade power granola with fresh fruits for breakfast

If you like oats and nuts this is for you: Easy homemade power granola for breakfast. First of all what I like most about this recipe is the irresistible smell all around¬†the apartment¬†while baking it and of course – the strength and energy it provides me with! My granola mixtures normally contain¬†lots¬†of power foods [ like goji berry, chia or flax seeds ] you could either add more of these or replace or skip any of the ingredients. There’s no danger in making anything wrong with this recipe, that’s the beauty! So far every batch¬†turn out differently – and¬†it’s always been tasty! So absolutely no need to stick to my ingredients list, see it more as an inspiration and follow YOUR¬†flow ūüôā

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27. February 2017

Kale & Basil Pesto with Tagliatelle

easy homemade kale & basil pesto

Kale and cocktail, kale and pasta, kale and bread…. kale does never fail! Jap, this is my motto – at least during wintery months when this frizzy green¬†is in season. In order not to miss any chance of serving this veggie¬†I figured out ways and dishes to seduce even¬†non-kale-lovers¬†ūüėČ And this proved¬†to work perfectly with kale chips plus alcohol or kale & basil pesto plus pasta. The basil and lime give¬†an appealing fresh and smooth flavor to¬†the pesto. Another insider tip: Toast the kale slightly for delicious roasty flavors in your pesto. Of course you’re absolutely fine using¬†raw kale as well. Anyways, give it a go and get the following ingredients for 2 generous pasta & pesto portions:

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23. February 2017

Chia Pudding with Pomegranate & Passion Fruit

dreamy creamy chia pudding

Chia pudding has been my latest addiction: breakfast, snack, desert, repeat. BUT careful – the recommended daily ration is 25 g chia seeds, so sometimes I have to force myself not to eat too much of it in one day. Well, if you don’t overdue it, chia seeds are very healthy. They¬†have become one of the most popular superfoods in the health community.¬†Tiny seeds packed with all the¬†goodness such as:¬†omega-3 oils,¬†antioxidants, protein and more. Plus a whole lot of energy and boosting power!¬†[ Yes, I know why it’s been my¬†breakfast, snack and desert ]¬†I’d say there are worse addictions than this one ūüėČ go and make yourself addicted too!¬†Mix it in the evening to have it ready for your breakfast the next morning.¬†For 4 jars/portions you need:

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20. February 2017

Sweet Potato Ginger Soup with Kale Chips

I am slowly but surely realizing that my days in Switzerland are counted and I literally can’t get enough of my favorite winter foods. Everything¬†will soon and abruptly¬†be replaced with¬†loads of tapas and ice cream in Barcelona [ which is not too bad either – I’m not complaining¬†]. So this super quick and easy creamy plant-based soup bursting with vitamin A and other goodness made my last 3 evenings! [ And there’s more for tomorrow, yuumm! ] Its gingery-sweet taste combined with crispy kale chips is¬†just irresistible!¬†And hey: everything is prepared in approx. 30 minutes, including¬†the kale chips [ which you should NOT leave out!! ] Bon¬†appetite!

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1. February 2017

Porridge With Orange, Honey & Almonds

porridge with orange for breakfast

A Saturday morning kind of breakfast on a calm and grey Wednesday. Healthy, simple¬†and aaaaw so delicious! Don’t know about you, but I could eat porridge all day, every day. I love it in all kind of versions and mixtures – for its taste and simplicity! This one is a simple version with a special taste though. Worth giving it a try! Follow this recipe for 1 portion.

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