Hello & welcome!

Happy you find the way to treats & talks – a tasty lifestyle and recipe blog, where I am sharing my projects, adventures, favorite recipes and thoughts about life along the way. My name is Andrea and from Switzerland, currently living in Barcelona. My professional life takes place in communications & marketing, but: I’ve quit my job beginning of 2017. A dreamy and epic journey is awaiting me, starting over in Barcelona. Everything is open and yet to be planned and to be happened. I am free and up for everything! Let’s see where this voyage will take me!

Why this blog?

I’ve been looking forward to this work break where there is plenty of time for my creativity and this persistent need of crafting things: Cards, homemade gifts, recipes, paintings, oversized photo frames. Whatever inspires me or occurs to my mind. Next to working there was never [ neeeever ever ] enough time or enough room in my head for these kind of me-projects. I want to make the most out of this creative voyage to somewhere and to give myself a litte push I’ve decided to set up this space. It’s an outlet to learn new things and style, a way to capture my adventures and reliving the moments. A N D  of course to share them with you.

I hope that some of you hop on and follow me along this voyage.
May it inspire you to escape the routine and to look at the beautiful little things of everyday life.

This blog is for you…

…if you – like me – enjoy reading creative stuff, see beautiful photos [ I hope you find it inspiring and beautiful!! ], seek constant inspiration a long the way to develop your own ideas and creations.

Get in touch!

So, if you have ideas, inspirations or just want to brainstorm over a glass of prosecco and a bowl of kale chips, get in touch! I’ll be more than happy about it.