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15. May 2018

A love letter to Pianello

Nothing but Pianello on my mind. Sunshine in my face, my eyes keep wandering from luscious, green meadows, over the Lake Como surrounded by colorful villages and mountains [ still ] with snow-capped tops. Laying in a deckchair and savouring that feeling of arriving somewhere and immediately forgetting everything else. Sitting and admiring. Pure dolce vita! You don’t need anything, but maybe a glass of prosecco or two.


Not much has changed here since I’ve come for the first time in 2010. No need that anything changes at all. Pianello is a silent, calm and relaxing village located just below the southern border of Switzerland at Lake Como. Lake Como is home to many more places just like Pianello. Menaggio, Varenna and Como are among my favorites. Adorned with impressive villas and houses in warm colors – deep yellows or soft pinks – dotted along promenades or like in Pianello: Rustic stone houses tucked high into the hill offering stunning views on the lake. One of these jewels is ours. Well actually my boyfriend’s family’s house.

Our jewel and the view.

Lake Como is very close from Switzerland and therefore just perfect for a sunny weekend escape and nature magic where sunshine and the sound of a refreshing breeze blowing through the palm trees wakes you up. Of course you snooze again, enjoying the silence – and it’s noticing this silence that slowly wakes you up.

La dolce vita

La dolce vita start with a 10 minutes bread turn downhill to the Panificio. Next to it there is Consumo, where you find all the additional groceries. Having breakfast on the terrace with views on the lake, thinking about and feeling the good life… there’s just nothing better than this. Until sunset comes and you start barbecuing. In between breakfast and barbecue you do whatever you are in the mood for. The possibilities are endless – but just to mention a few:

  • Stay home to terrace and prosecco doing nothing but sunbathing and listening to the calming sound of the wind blowing through palm leaves.
  • Get a deckchair and a book: read, snooze, repeat.
  • Get around exploring the lake and villages renting a boat or using the ferry service – don’t miss out Varenna!
  • Grab a gelato and go for a scenic walk and refreshing bath along the lake from Bellera to Cremia.
  • Go for a hike on one of the nearby hills.
  • Having a craft drink by the lake at Lo Scalo in Cremia.

Pic by Lo Scalo Craft drinks by the lake.

I will forever cherish that dolce vita with breakfast and barbecues on the terrace and those lazy afternoons in between. Let’s have another glass of prosecco and let’s set the next Pianello weekend. Now!

A dopo ragazzi!

Lo Scalo Craft drinks by the lake.

The stone houses in Pianello.

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