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6. October 2017

Half a year in Barcelona: home tour

selfmate painting

Hola chicos!

It’s been a while since the last update – summer was just tooooo nice to hang out at the beach and be outside. Now that fall is approaching I am looking forward to some productive desk-time! It’s been half a year in Barcelona, in this dreamy home and glorious city. Time to look back, review the dream and take you on a home tour.

Gaudi-House – home tour

Gaudi-House aka our home. Light and bright, vibrant greens combined with natural soft and peaceful tones to hit just the right balance for comfortable living. A fusion of modern nordic living and bohemian do it yourself interior aesthetic. Or however you would summarise it 🙂 The apparent is located in the Avenida de Gaudi, a small diagonal that breaks with the perfect grid layout of the Eixample neighbourhood. It’s a lively semi-pedestrian street with shops and restaurants, connecting two magnificient landmarks: la Sagrada Familia by Gaudí and el Hospital de Sant Pau by Domènech i Montaner. This location turned out to be just perfect for various reasons:

  • the area is calm – we can even sleep with open windows
  • it’s a tourist-free area [ as la Sagrada Familia is a few blocks down ]
  • everything you need from supermarkets, bicing, metro, …. till restaurants is in walking distance
  • only 15 minutes to the beach by bike, yaaay big plus

I remember the day we arrived in Barcelona very well: April 2nd, a Sunday. The following morning at 10 o’ clock we could enter our home. I loved it from the very first moment. And since then this love has been growing through memories made in this home. Having more than 80m² to slowly turn into a home was both – a dream and a challenge. We wanted to keep it clean, minimalistic and pure, but still comfortable and cozy. Little by little we transformed this space into a more custom and charming home.

Hospital Sant Pau Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona


Let’s start the home tour on the terrace. Entering our home you find yourself in the living room, facing the door to the terrace and having the kitchen corner to your left, the living room area to your right. The terrace goes along the living room, kitchen and our bedroom. Sounds big? It is! 😉 The terrace is the most important part, let’s say the heart of our home. Under the pergola… this is where the magic happens! We’ve spent so many evenings, mornings, days in this outdoor living room. Barbecues, aperitivos, breakfasts, coffee breaks, treats & talks, sunbaths, fitness and yoga sessions… Nothing not possible on this terrace! Whereas in Switzerland you use your terrace only a few times yearly – you make FULL USE of it in Barcelona. I’d definitely go for the terrace, not the apartment if I would have to decide hahaha!

Terrace views

Living room & kitchen

Our living room and kitchen is one big, light-flooded room with high ceilings. Coming home to this makes me feel grateful and happy. Every day. The way sunlight pours into this room, the view on the terrace and on Sagrada Familia makes this space so glorious! We kept the room as clean and spacious as possible. And TV-free – which I am especially proud of! TVs are such an ugly thing. Anyway – who needs a TV if you have a huge terrace on the 7th floor, where you can sit and chill outside all night long. The most catchy thing in our living room might be my plants and flowery bouquets. Tropical greens rising from the floor, hanging from the ceilings and pulling this room together. The green shades are combined with balancing white, light grey tones and natural materials: a white floating sideboard, a simple grey sofa and a customised wooden dining table. The kitchen corner is spacious and generously equipped with a dishwasher [ thank god!! ] and many surfaces for food preps.

Living room details

Living room details

Macrame plant hangers

selfmade paintings and wall decor

Minimalistic dining table

Living room details


A bedroom with access to a terrace. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? And even better if the shape and size of the room allow you to position your bed in a way you see the terrace from bed. Hence the first thing you see in the morning is a greeny terrace and Barcelona’s blue sky. Feels like waking up in paradise. E V E R Y  D A Y.

Barcelona closet essentials

Bedroom details

2nd bedroom aka walking closet and bathroom

The 2nd bedroom is a luxury – for two reasons: it is a walking closet, allowing us to keep our bedroom cupboard-free. Also it is a guest bedroom, which is the best about it! Having a spare bedroom for guests was just as important as having a terrace! The last highlight is our bathroom which is quite big and light as well, equipped with two sinks, a big mirror and a bath tube shower [ hello candle light bath times in winter ]. There is even a little super practical outdoor space aka laundry room and broom closet.

One thing is absolutely sure: This home has increased standards and demands for all future apartments! And that’s all about the little home tour.

Bathroom detailsBathroom tiles

Much love from Barcelona,


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