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8. August 2017

Creating, experimenting and meditating

Creating, experimenting and meditating – that summarises the last weeks pretty well. Beginning of July I took a two weeks introduction course in graphic design and ever since [ when there was time ] I found myself stuck at the desk with hand lettering, designing or illustrating. This whole new world of graphic design is opening up a huge playground for shapes, colours, lines and letters. Creating and experimenting freely in this field is a blessing and something between meditation and addiction 🙂  Gotta enjoy this crea-time as long as I can!

Read on about my first steps as a wannabe designer. Also I am sharing with you my favourite sources for free procreate brushes as well as fonts and other helpful sites. Last but not least you get to see some of my very first trials.

Hand lettering

Before knowing the iPad app “Procreate” I started my first trials with some kind of drawing pad. That was already lots of fun, but not to be compared with the intuitive and handy procreate. Procreate is an iPad app, so – yes I needed an iPad. After borrowing my boyfriend’s for a day, he surprised me with a new, my very own iPad Pro!! First time in my life possessing an iPad, yay!! It’s so comfortable to draw or write on it when and where ever you are. Special thanks at this point to Lety who introduced me to hand lettering when we met in April in Barcelona. We’ve seen each other for a few hours only, but she was [ and still is ] inspiring me a lot! If you like hand writing you should definitely try procreate as well! Before getting started, make sure to stock up on a few custom brushes. Download them for free here:

My current favourite brushes are Fancy Finesse Lettering,  Patches, and Big Blobby Brush. You’ll notice that there’s a big difference between the various brushes, some ease the zestful writing a lot other’s not so much.


When it comes to design for me typography plays a very central role. Typography is the art and technique of arranging type. And what sounds so simple is actually quite sophisticated. Hence typography is much more than making the words legible. Typography can make or break a design. I’ve always loved and admired eye-catching typography in posters, packaging, logos, advertising, wherever! Classic, sleek or loud and proud. Also I understood its importance and critical role in characterising a brand, creating interest or highlighting a central message. Nevertheless this didn’t mean much more than scrolling through a dropdown menu until more or less randomly picking one and using it just as it is. Punto. During my two weeks graphic design course I learned something about typography. At least something. It is still very little knowledge, I know – but hey it’s a beginning and it already feels like a big difference to me 🙂

First things first: Without fonts neither typography nor designing. These are a few great sources for free fonts:

  • Google Fonts – for free
  • Typecast – for free
  • Grilli Type – free trial fonts [ with limited character set ]
  • Fontspring – free demo versions [ with limited character set ]
  • Typewolf – not for free, but a great inspiration source for fonts and font trends


I didn’t know anything about neither Illustrator nor illustrating before that course. But since then Illustrator has become my new bf and absolute favourite adobe program! I could linger with it all. day. long. forgetting time and everything else! Feels like musing and meditating to me 😉 Websites I use a lot while designing or illustrating are the following:

Other than Illustrator I discovered InDesign which is a lot of fun as well. I am working on a Barcelona Guide including all my favourite places to eat, shop and what to do when in Barcelona. If you’re curious about this one [ the EAT section is finished ] check it out here. That’s it for now and I’ll get back to creating, experimenting and meditating for another while… By the way, if you happen to know other inspiring or helpful websites I should know, pleeeease share them with me in a comment below!


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