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6. June 2017

2 months in Barcelona: About fiestas and amigos

Hola chicos!

Time flies. It’s been already two months and while typing this I am replaying the game in my head. The first month was mainly about organizing stuff, furnishing the apartment and settling down a bit. The second month was completely different and a special highlight to remember forever:  Birthday fiestas for days and lots of amigos coming over from Switzerland to celebrating it right! Hence I thought it’s time to reflect and simply reminisce – plus to give you an update…

2 months that feel like 2 weeks

Two months in the city. Funny how two months somehow feel like both: so long and so short. On the one hand I am wondering what I had been doing all these days, weeks, months. Yes, the apartment is almost fully furnished and yes there was our big birthday party. And other than that??? No I didn’t go to the beach often, only 3 times. No sunbathing on the terraza [ never! ]. Okay I went shopping a few times. But other than that? Anyway, this reminds me how important it is to enjoy e v e r y  d a y in this paradise! I am trying to find a good balance between living the moment, but also giving my days a structure and setting personal goals [ like getting up before 8! ].

When we first decided to go to Barcelona, we planned coming in February and staying for 6 months. There was even a new apartment waiting for us in Zurich to move in in July. This means by now we would have one month left in Barcelona. Knowing how quickly 2 months pass, one month is n o t h i n g!! Luckily we realized soon that giving an end date to our Barcelona adventure just doesn’t feel right. Not adventurous enough. So we’ve paid a fee to withdraw from the contract. Best invested money in 2017! And I am so happy this journey goes on and on for as long as we feel like.

May was a special highlight

My friend Isabelle and I turned 30 and thought throwing a little fiesta in Barcelona would be a good idea. And oh yes, it was! Saturday May 20 was the fiesta day and more than 50 people came to Barcelona. Some of them joining us before the fiesta, others staying longer after the fiesta. So for 1.5 week it felt like being back in Switzerland in a new flat, but surrounded by all the loved ones. The apartment turning into a playground for large barbecues, brunches, little concerts under the pergola and sports courses. The “main” fiesta on May 20 took place in EL CIMS on Montjuic under palm trees, sunshine, blue sky and with views over the city. Baraunda from Barcelona, a multinational boys band [ aka the best ever ] was the surprise and highlight of the night! Flurin joined them when we came to Barcelona and since then practiced a lot to be part of the concert. And as if this was not enough: Together with the others he created a personalized birthday slash love song for me, for us! Can’t find any words to describe that surprise ♥ Since then I’ve been singing the refrain in an endless loop: “Celebramos hoy el cumple en el tejadoooooo de Barceloooooona, rodeados de amigos estamos acá para festejaaaaaaar…” [ Can you hear me sing? ]

Can you imagine any sweeter birthday gift than having all your amigos coming to Barcelona, celebrating with you – plus being surprised with a personalized birthday/love song?? It blew away all my “I-am-turning-thirty-struggles and I am just happy and grateful for all the love and friends in my life. Thank you for making this a perfect and unforgettable fiesta! Well, from an organization point of view “imperfectly perfect” describes things better, haha. There were some incidents, things that didn’t work out as we have planned and organized them:

  • We agreed on a tapas-dinner-buffet for 50 people – no buffet was in place and the amount of tapas they prepared probably served like 5 out of the 50 people [ hahaha ]
  • We “warned” them to generously stock up on cava and cerveza; they managed to run out of cava after 1 hour [ telling us that we drank more than their normal weekly consumption, hahaha ]. At least the cerveza flow wasn’t interrupted…
  • Next stop after Montjuic [ where we could stay until 00.30 h ] was Bar Malamen, for a short time only! We managed to be thrown out after like 20 minutes. [ Don’t ask! ] We didn’t and still don’t understand why…

For those who don’t know me well – I am normally super impatient and uncomprehending with things that go wrong, plus I am a perfectionist. But hey I had some time to take over the Spanish way of living/dealing with things: Take it with calma, worry less and enjoy more. Trust in happy endings. That’s the motto and [ my or other’s] life saver! I learned or am still learning to take it easy. And anyway it was the best birthday ever!! We kept the fiesta vibes going for another week, throwing barbecues, brunches and little concerts on our terraza. Life is good and being thirty feels very much okay so far 🙂

Hasta luego chicos!

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