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17. April 2017

First two weeks in Barcelona: With sunshine and calma

Un Mojito por favor! First two weeks in Barcelona: With sunshine and calma

From Zurich to Barcelona. It’s been two weeks since we’ve been here and started building a new life in a new place. Most appreciated so far: Barcelona’s SUN!! Since we are here, we’ve been waking up to sunshine and blue skay e v e r y day! Except for the Sunday night when we arrived: that particular evening it was raining hahaha! It might look like we would be hanging around, relaxing and sunbathing all day – wrong! Read on to learn more about our new home and the first achievements.

The first days were pretty tough, as we’ve spent most of the time scouting and shopping of furnitures – translation: walking 758 km with 3 blisters, checking out store after store. Not that I would complain 😉 Poco a poco we’re getting there and making our new home feel cozy and comfy.

Being in a new place means walking with open eyes, observing and perceiving with all senses. Discovering every corner and detecting new favorite spots. With the sun on my face and calma in my heart. So much love, excitement and curiosity about this city!

Terraza Life. First two weeks in Barcelona: With sunshine and calma

Our first achievements

Two weeks ago, Monday morning at 10 o clock: Check-in time into our penthouse! The attic of my dreams: a beautiful, light and sunny apartment on the 7th floor, the terraza almost as big as the apartment itself and with a gorgeous view on Sagrada Familia. How lucky are we?? Everything is perfect. That the flat was not cleaned, nor the previous tenant’s trash disposed, didn’t matter to us. Tranquilo. Customs are different and we take it with calma. Same as many other things here. I figured out that C A L M A is a word to live by in this city. A recipe of successful living. Everything is done with calma and takes a little bit longer. And I [ probably the most impatient person on this planet ] am learning patience. Everyday new challenges. Everyday more progress.

Furthermore our first success was getting the NIE for one of us, a Spanish identity number for foreigners, which you need for pretty much everything here: the apartment, water, electricity, internet, etc. We paid an agency arranging a NIE appointment and telling us exactly what to prepare. That definitely helped a lot. So what one needs is: a confirmation from one’s health insurance in Spanish, a Spanish bank account with a minimum of € 5’200. This may sound easy – but it’s not. Everything you need here can only be issued with NIE, BUT you need to have everything to get your NIE. Ahaaa, can you feel me?? Seems like somehow we found a way through this Spanish labyrinth: I got my NIE one week ago, yaaaay!

Furnishing and interior styling

Other than the “NIE hustles”, we’ve been busy with furnishing and interior styling. We’ve noticed that the Spanish’ interior style differs from ours. There’s mainly two types of furniture shops: The ones selling affordable bulky, heavy and „not-so-nice“ furnitures and the other ones selling super stylish and very expensive stuff – that is produced/delivered on order [ which takes at least 1.5 months ]. Something in between these two types of shops seems not to exist. Nothing like Interio, Micasa, Pfister…. where we Swiss buy affordable, but nice stuff. Dear Spanish, if you’re reading this and think I missed something, por favor let me know!! So our trusted source has been IKEA. I’ve probably been to IKEA as many times as in my entire life before. We don’t want our home to look like a page of the current IKEA catalogue, but the fact that you find a lot of useful, nice [ and affordable ] stuff – and with immediate availability – is a big plus! Other than IKEA stuff, we’ve received several plant deliveries. Hence our terraza turned into a little botanical garden, a greeny and relaxing oasis better than any vacation. The apartment is equipped with the essentials [ still missing all the kitchen gadgets thought ] and becoming cozier every day. Now poco a poco we are collecting more things, treasures from flea markets and local stores. Yaaaay, that’s the real fun part…

Mucho love from Barcelona,

Building a new home. Bathroom tiles.

Building a new home. Interior styling and furnishing.

Building a new home. Cozy corners to relax.

Nachos by the beach. Surf House in Barceloneta.

Parc de la Ciutadella. Sunday strolls, hangouts and picnics.

Palm trees in Barcelona.

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  • Madhulika

    Hey Andrea ..hope u hv lots of fun and comfort at your new home 🙂

    20. April 2017 at 18:05 Reply
    • Andrea

      Hi Madhulika, thank you so much for reaching out and for leaving this message. Our new home is amazing!! The apartment as well as the city! We are so happy 🙂 what a pity we missed each other as you only came to Rotkreuz now that I am not there any more! Hope you enjoyed Switzerland 🙂 All the best from Barcelona, Andrea

      20. April 2017 at 23:15 Reply

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