6 Favorite Food and Drink Spots in Zurich

6 favorite food and drink spots in Zurich where I’ve spoilt myself with generous brunches, dinners and aperitivi  [ in other words: where I spent my money ]. 6 places I love and I am truly gonna miss. I am also writing about my #zürilove and the last days in this city: Feelings of happy gratitude, bittersweet melancholy and crazy excitement for what’s next to come! Ciao Züri – Hola Barcelona.

We’ve been living in Zurich and in this tiny lovely flat in Wiedikon for 3.5 years of good times! And now we are about to move out this flat and say adios to Switzerland. [ I still don’t believe we’re doing this! ] It’s the last days and they could have 47 hours [ and this would probably still not be enough ] to fit in everything I wanted to do for the “last” time. Hence my days are veeeery packed! Wrapping and packing stuff, seeing friends and happy place hopping in the city – which means: Wandering through Zurich’s streets, alleys and paths [ even walking some routes for the first time ] and internally saying good bye to my favorite spots.

6 favorite food and drink spots in Zurich

ACID - a favorite coffe and drinks spot in ZurichA newly opened tiny coffee and drink spot in Zurich I fell in love with from the beginning. Lots of green stuff contrasting the pink walls and giving this place a distinct look and kind of jungle feeling. I like stopping by for coffee [ their cappuccino is really great ] and cake or prosecco and popcorn [ they have a super tasty herb-infused popcorn which you must try ].


Bank - a favorite spot for food & drinks in ZurichA bank with no bankers casually appearing in a chic industrial look: Bare ceilings and exposed pipes combined with pink walls and bouquets in shiny vases. A friendly and lively place I love to stop by at any time of the day for their homemade ice tea and vegetarian “Ofenbrot” with seasonal veggies – hence it’s different and a little surprise any time! Depending on the mood or daytime, get this Ofenbrot with cocktails instead of ice tea 🙂

John Baker
John Baker - my favorite bread spot in Zurich
John’s bread’s the best. Punto. I’ll happily walk their cool blue branded tote bag through the streets of Barcelona. By the way my love story goes beyond the bread: John stands out with the friendly staff, the open space you can watch your bread being baked, the design [ important! ] and the beautiful bouquets next to the bread counter. Perfection all round! Must try: Chocolate brioches and sour dough bread.

Central - a favorite spot for wine & drinks in ZurichA simple and sober, but absolut classic place with friendly and welcoming staff. I usually come for wine or cocktails plus a portion of their super tasty nachos. Yumm!


Bebek - a favorite spot for brunch, lunch & dinner in Zurich
A metropolitan and cosy interior with high ceilings and concrete walls, an oriental but diverse menu and super friendly and welcoming staff – that’s what Bebek impresses with! Their oriental mezzes served with extra delicious bread are a must try!

Vineria Centrale
Little Italy in Zurich serving tasty aperitivi – antipasti platters with bread and wine – just like in Italy where every working day seems to end up to this! Escape your daily routine and dream away experiencing the real dolce vita feeling in Zurich!

Well, I could add many more to this list – but not important. In the end, favorite food and drink spots pop up here and there, come and go. Much more important to mention: Zurich’s lake and rivers. Living close to a lake and river is a blessing: Going for a swim or floating down the Limmat during summer times… pure bliss and a priceless asset I would never forego. Knowing that we gonna replace lake and river with the sea –  I am not complaining here 😉

Muse, motivation and gratitude

These days we’ve melancholicly started packing stuff, cleaning out our wardrobes, shoe and bag collections [ believe it or not I reduced my bag collection to 3 pieces!!! ]. These two months of slow down time have been wonderful so far. Couldn’t imagine anything better right now than having so much room for my creativity, craftings and creations. Muse and motivation for everything I have ever wanted. And [ as long as I am still here ] a lot of time for my loved ones: Spontaneous aperitifs, brunches or dinners, painting sessions, photoshoots or crafting days. So precious! I am savoring every single moment. At this point my very special gratitude to all my lovely friends. I will miss you so much around in Barcelona ♥

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  • Maria

    Oh you are living Zurich and going to Barcelona?? I think this is great news! `First, because “Barcelonaaaaaaa” and second because new beginnings are always exciting! I hope you have a great new life in Spain and please please show us pictures of this amazing sunny city. I truly think you will have a really good life there…

    Maria from Honey and Cinnamon

    17. March 2017 at 8:51 Reply
    • Andrea

      Dear Maria, thank you so much for reaching out and living a comment. Yesss, we’re moving to Barcelona!! We’re just staying as long as we are in the mood to 🙂 I quit my job here by the end of January, maybe I will look for another one, maybe not and just see this as a timeout 🙂 If you happen to be in Barcelona somewhen this year from 2. of April, let me know! Keep baking so delicious food my dear! You’re pictures and the idea behind are always great! Love and all the best, Andrea

      17. March 2017 at 9:31 Reply

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