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2. February 2017

treats & talks

blooms and flowers

Living the tasty life with all it takes: Treating ourselves well, enjoying lovely company & inspiring talks. treats & talks.

treats: It’s about treating you or myself well: Little things that cheer you up, make you happy and simply remind you how marvelous life is. What sort of little things occur to you? To me treats can be various things depending on the day or mood: a glass of prosecco, a coffee, a jogging tour, a hike, kale chips, chia pudding or a piece of chocolate. Whatever! Important though the treat is shared with someone… and ooh this brings me to the second topic: talks. This part implies the fact that company is needed: Good friends, inspiring people to share moments and memories with! ♥

treats & talks… so ya, this is what it means to me and why I’ve kept this name in mind for a long time… In case one day I would want to start writing about something. And well… looks like today is the day! Without actually knowing where the journey will go – but I guess this is not important at this point! It’s about getting started – now that I’ve got plenty of time after having quit my job. By the way, the reason why I quit is a new adventure starting over in April in Barcelona. [ I guess I’ll be writing about this later on. ] And well, to make use of this break I wanted to push myself learning the basics of creating a website and getting more into styling, photography and graphic design. This is where my creative journey begins…

I am very happy if some of you are following me along!


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