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24. February 2017

Ready for ¡la vida loca!

la vida loca in Barcelona

ready for la vida loca in Barcelona

The year-long warm climate, the city beach, the incredible cultural diversity and the world-class dining scene invite to a perfect sunny get-away. Or a creative timeout for months what I am up to do. Barcelona is iconic and contemporary all at once. The magical works of Gaudi add a distinct cultural identity and historic feel to this metropolitan city. The people are laid back, warm-hearted and friendly. All of this makes Barcelona one of the coolest and most popular hotspots in Europe. I fell in love with the city and its people in 2007 – 10 years ago. It’s been my first time in Spain [ except for Mallorca where I was before ] and I came back full of dreams and eager.

I right away started a Spanish course [ cause next time I gotta chat with the locals! ] plus decided to book a language stay somewhere in Spain to speed up my learnings. So next time was soon to happen: Valencia was the chosen destination and place of happiness, growth, adventures and joy for 5 months. Memories that last forever. It was clear sooner or later I’ll be back to this country. And the next opportunity came: The 5th university semester took me to Madrid. Another Spanish city and its people keept in my heart and memories forever.

La vida loca

I cannot say which of the 3 cities is my favorite. They are similar but different and just marvelous in its own way. But this post is dedicated to Barcelona – so I’ll go on: 10 years ago this mediterranean hotspot captivated me. Since then I’ve spent many weekends in Barcelona and there’s more to come: I am the luckiest to go and live la vida loca in this city for as long as my heart desires [ or my purse allows ]. Getting lost in the curvy and labyrinthy streets of Barrio Gótico, scenic views from the castle of Montjuïc, cervezas by the beach, morning swims in the sea, being randomly called cielo or cariño by everyone…. This sound just like the dreamiest of dreams and I couldn’t be happier or more curious about this opportunity and all that’s gonna happen! Quitting job was for sure the right decision and I can’t wait for everything to get started. When are you visiting Barcelona [ or ME ]? – The sooner and longer, the better!

¡Besitos y hasta luego!


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